"Principles of True Republicanism vs. Politics of Expediency"
Linclon Day Dinner Farewell Address (video)

SPD, “Anticipatory Obituary”

FBI SSA DeVecchio Prosecution Referral

Amerithrax: South Africa Ignored

Terry Nichols' Explosive Cache:
Recovery Summary, FBI Resistence
Initial Notification Letter (FBI copied)
FBI Notification Chronology
FBI Unwillingness to Act

Pre-9/11 Terrorism Intel (FBI, DoJ)
Natl. Comm. Submission
Intel Timeline
See Peter Lance, Cover Up (Harper Collins, 9/7/2004)
Scarpa FBI 302s
GVH/Freeh Scarpa File

FBI Informant Abuses
NACDL (House Judiciary) Submission

Fahrenheit 9/11 Commentary

Mandela CBW Briefing
Top Secret

"The Oriskany Incident"
(Ron Brown)

"Dead in the Woods"
SPD DitW Postcard

Steven Hatfill: Selfaggrandizing Killer or Fall Guy?

Critique of Anthrax Investigation

Death of Ronald G. Miller

Bioport Corporation
The Players
Adm. Crowe: Unanswered Questions


ONEOK-Southern Union Transactions

Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Dynamic Energy
Nolanda Butler Hill & Stephen P. Dresch

Relief from Improper & Excessive Purchased Gas Costs of Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONEOK)
Prefiled Expert Testimony
-Volume One, Economic Analysis
-Volume Two, Background
Before Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Feb 21 & Mar 8, 2002
-Postscript to Volume Two (unfiled)
-Analysis & Critique of ONG "Global Settlement" Adopted by the Commission on May 16,2002
-ONG Filing of "Communications Received from and Communications to Michael McAdams"
-ONG-Filed Dresch Response to McAdams Communications
-Dresch Complaint Re Galt (OK Bar Association)
-Dresch Reply to OBA Rejection of Complaint

Lawless Michigan AG & DEQ Criminalize Citizens

Abteilung der Heimatsicherheit (proposed emblem of the Department of Homeland Security)
"I'm so worried" (proposed anthem, courtesy of Monty Python; John Ashcroft, soloist, accompanied by Tom Ridge)

The Unrecognized Cost of Aviation Security

USA Waste/Waste Management, United Waste, United Rentals:
Possible Conflict of Interest?

When an Alleged Murderer Dies in a Plane Crash -- A Wrongful-Death Conundrum

Administrative Law ... "Illegitimate Exotic"

Daily Mining Gazette on SPD

Stephen P. Dresch