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Metro March 15, 1996

Reputed leaders of Metro Detroit's organized crime family

The following men were arraigned Thursday by federal officials:

Jack William Tocco, 69

Grosse Pointe Park

Graduated with a bachelor of science degree in 1949 from the University of Detroit. Neatly tailored and well-spoken, he's retired, but formerly was vice-president and an owner of Hazel Park race track.

He has owned restaurants, investment companies, real estate firms, the Warren Tennis Club and was partners with his brother, Anthony, in Cadillac Overall Supply. He also owned Melrose Linen of Detroit and Robertson's Laundry in Saginaw with Anthony Joseph Corrado.

He and his wife raised five children and often attended their Little League games. He picketed the federal courthouse in Detroit, charging the government with a campaign of slander and harassment against Italian Americans.


Anthony Joseph Zerilli, 68

Sterling Heights

University of Detroit graduate who owned Hazel Park race track and owned or owns an Italian restaurant in Roseville and an Italian food products company in Warren. He was a witness before the grand jury investigating the July 1975 disappearance of former Teamsters boss James R. Hoffa.

Capos (Captains)

Anthony Joseph Corrado, 60

Clinton Township

Owned a vending-machine business and Melrose Linen with Jack William Tocco. In 1974, Nevada's gaming board identified him among Detroiters receiving "lavish" treatment at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Anthony Joseph Tocco, 65

Clinton Township

Among 30 Detroit men placed on the record of the Senate Labor-Management Rackets Committee by Robert F. Kennedy who said Tocco either was a delegate to a crime convention in Apala-chin, N.Y., or among "their contacts and associates."

Vito William Giacalone, 73

Clinton Township

Brother of Anthony Giacalone, recently paroled from a three-year prison term 1994 for hiding $410,000 from the IRS. He also has served time for extortion, illegal sports betting and illegal weapons. Listed as former owner of Home Juice Co.

Anthony Giacalone, 77

Clinton Township

Hoffa told family and friends he was going to meet Giacalone, known as "Tony Jack," when he disappeared. Has served prison sentences for income-tax evasion and extortion. He raises show horses on a Macomb County farm.

Also indicted ...

* Paul Corrado (son of Anthony)

* Nove Tocco

* Paul Corrado (son of Dominic)

* Peter Jack Corrado

* Peter Anthony Corrado

* John Batista Sciarrotta

* John Michael Jarjosa

* Norman Nerses Bagdasarian

* Paul Joseph Tocco

* Thomas Kenneth Lenhard

* Frank Bert Whitcher

The indictments

A total of 17 men were arraigned Thursday on charges that they were members of the Detroit mafia organization and participated in a number of criminal acts that included extortion, loan-sharking, racketeering and obstruction of justice. The arraignments are the result of an indictment by a federal grand jury Wednesday in Detroit.

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