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Policy Documents from Jhéön & Associates

Indian Usufructuary Rights in Ceded Territories, Private Property Rights and the Reach of State Regulation. Stephen P. Dresch. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1996.

Statement for Presentation to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Public Hearing on Copper Range (INMET) Solution Mining Process, White Pine, Michigan, October 21, 1996. Stephen P. Dresch

On the Integrity of Michigan's Environmental Policies and Their Enforcement. A Statement Prepared for Presentation to a Public Meeting to Receive Comment on General Environmental Issues, Director and Department Management, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Stephen P. Dresch, Marquette, Michigan, July 18, 1996.

Inextricable Links Between Government, Corruption and Repression -- Why "tribal leader's legal trouble [is] nothing new". Stephen P. Dresch. July 2, 1996.

Occupational License Revocation as a Penalty for Child-Support Violations.
Stephen P. Dresch
. May 27, 1996.

HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE: U.S. Debate Misses the Fundamental Issue, Squanders the Opportunity to Strengthen the Role of Religion & Family in Civil Society. Stephen P. Dresch. May 19, 1996. (Published in numerous newspapers.)

Department of Environmental Quality’s Criteria for Granting Water Pollution Control Facility Tax Exemptions Invite Abuse and Threaten Michigan’s Water Quality. Stephen P. Dresch. Monday, February 12, 1996.

LOCAL TYRANNY:The apathy of the masses and the vested interests of the few conspire to threaten the liberty of all. Stephen P. Dresch. February 9, 1996. Published in THE U.P. POST.

THE ECONOMICS OF FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH. Stephen P. Dresch. In J. W. Sommer, ed.: The Academy in Crisis: The Political Economy of Higher Education. New Brunswick & London: Transaction Publishers, 1995 (for Independent Institute, San Francisco). Recipient of the Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award (1996).

MICHIGAN EDUCATION TRUST [MET]: Disinterring Blanchard-Bowman Trojan Horse, Engler Administration Erred. Stephen P. Dresch. Adapted from testimony prepared for the Michigan House of Representatives, Urban Policy Committee, Rep. Greg Kaza, Chairman, Hearings on Urban Participation in the Michigan Education Trust [MET], Wednesday, September 13, 1995. Published in THE BANNER (Michigan Conservative Union).

THE POLITICS OF FEAR & THE FUTURE OF LIBERTY. Stephen P. Dresch, Closing Address, Convention '95, "Genuine Liberty," Libertarian Party of Michigan. Grand Rapids, Sunday, April 30, 1995.

AMERICA'S GODLY HERITAGE: DID OUR FOUNDING FATHERS SEPARATE JUDAEO-CHRISTIAN VALUES FROM THE STATE? Stephen P. Dresch, Opening Statement, The 1993 Michigan Conservative Conference Debate: Dannemeyer vs. Dresch. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, October 1, 1993.

A Lament for Our Leaders. Stephen P. Dresch. May 9, 1989.

Forensic Intelligence Hub-Page; Jhéön & Associates, Stephen P. Dresch, Chairman