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"Dresch with a Russian Soul,"
Balagazov, charcoal portrait,
Old Arbat, Moscow, 28.10.88.
Commissioned by Emil Ershov.

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the Kauth house, 318 Cooper Avenue,
Hancock, Michigan 49930
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Political economist (Ph.D., Yale) and philosopher (A.B., Miami-Ohio); elected member of the Michigan House of Representatives ('91-2) renowned for his defense of civil liberties; Congressional primary candidate ('92); dean and professor of economics, Michigan Technological University ('85-90), where he exposed corruption, forcing prosecution, conviction and incarceration of high-level officials; research scholar, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria) ('83-5), Ford Foundation ('70-72), National Bureau of Economic Research ('69-77); director, Research in the Economics of Higher Education, Yale University ('72-5); chairman, Institute for Demographic and Economic Studies ('75-); founder (with Aspasia Qùermüt Jhéön) of Jhéön & Associates.

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