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Books and monographs:

New Patterns for College Lending. In collaboration with D. Bruce Johnstone. New York: Columbia University Press, 1972.

An Economic Perspective on the Evolution of Graduate Education. Washington, D.C.: National Academy of Sciences, 1974.

Substituting a Value-Added Tax for the Corporate Income Tax: First Round Analysis. With An-loh Lin and David K. Stout. Cambridge, Mass.: Ballinger, 1977.

Occupational Earnings, 1967-1981: Returns to Occupational Choice, Schooling and Physician Specialization. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press, 1986. [Order from Books!]

The Economics of Foreign Students. New York: Institute for International Education, 1987.


Columns (incomplete listing):

Graduating from the Baby Boom and Bust. Politics and Education, March/April 1978.

Race Reparations: The Upper Classes Win Again. (Originally entitled Bakke contra Weber: Social Class and Racial Policy.) The Christian Science Monitor, November 6, 1979.

Academic Science's Ambiguous Relationship to Technology, Education, and Productivity. The Chronicle of Higher Education, Point of View, March 10, 1982. [Reprinted in S. H. Barnes, ed., Points of View: Issues in American Higher Education. Lewiston, N.Y.: Edwin Mellen Press, 1990. (Order from Books!)]

The Cost of U.S. Export Controls, Christian Science Monitor, August 20, 1982.

Save the Infrastructure By Auctioning It Off., Christian Science Monitor, December 9, 1982.

Ventures and ESI Leaving Us in the Dark. (Commentary on Michigan Technological Universitys unrelated business complex.) The Daily Mining Gazette (Houghton, Michigan), February 9, 1990.

Trade Deficit Strengthens U.S. Economy (first guest column of six-part series of editorials and columns on Trading Illusions). The Detroit News, March 8, 1992.

Money Buys Election in Northern Michigan. With Don Weeks. The Marquette Mining Journal, September 27, 1992.

Proposal C Would Cut and Cap States Future. With Don Weeks. (Commentary on Governor John Englers property-tax ballot proposal). The Detroit Free Press, October 23, 1992.

State's Elite Enjoys a Different Economy. The Detroit News, December 6, 1992. [Reprinted in Traverse City Record Eagle, December 12, 1992.]

The Battle for Legislative Control: The Spoils System Lives in Michigan. The Traverse City Record Eagle, January 1993. [Reprinted in Marquette Mining Journal, Saginaw News and several other newspapers.]

Congress Should Cut the Pork Just as It Closes Military Bases. The Traverse City Record Eagle, April 5, 1993.

The Branch Davidians: Governmental Conduct and the Perils of Official History. The Traverse City Record Eagle, April 29, 1993.

Three Bullets Sealed His Lips A Timely Reminder of Capitol Sleaze. The Traverse City Record Eagle, May 2, 1993. [Order Three Bullets Sealed His Lips by Bruce A. Rubenstein and Lawrnece E. Ziewacz from Books!]

Aid Will Only Sabotage Russian Economic Reform. The Traverse City Record Eagle, May 11, 1992.

State Rakes in Tax Windfall. The Marquette Mining Journal, June 13, 1993.

Michigan Tech's Ventures Group: Crime Pays in Michigan. The Traverse City Record Eagle (forthcoming).

NAFTA: A Protectionist Wolf in a Free-Trade Sheeps Clothing. The Traverse City Record Eagle, June 7, 1993.

The Legislature's School-Aid Formula Subverts the Headlee Amendment. The Cheboygan Daily Tribune, July 20, 1993.

The Offensive, Odorous Underbelly of Trash. The Cheboygan Daily Tribune, July 27, 1993.

Trash Baron Networks for Profit. The Traverse City Record Eagle, July 27, 1993.


Journal articles:

An Alternative View of the Nixon Revenue Sharing Program. National Tax Journal, June 1971.

Variable Term Loans for Higher Education - Analytics and Empirics. With Robert D. Goldberg. Annals of Economic and Social Measurement, January 1972.

IDIOM: An Inter-Industry, National-Regional Policy Evaluation Model. With Robert D. Goldberg. Annals of Economic and Social Measurement, July 1973.

Research, Graduate Education and the University. Educational Record, Summer 1974.

Demography, Technology and Higher Education: Toward a Formal Model of Educational Adaptation. Journal of Political Economy, June 1975.

A Critique of Planning Models for Postsecondary Education: Current Feasibility, Potential Relevance, and a Prospectus for Further Research. Journal of Higher Education, May/June 1975.

Educational Saturation: A Demographic-Economic Model. AAUP Bulletin, Autumn 1975.

The Crisis of the Scholarly Enterprise. New Directions for Higher Education (The Future of the Undergraduate College), Spring 1975.

Prudence, Information and Trust Investment Law. With John A. Humbach. American Bar Association Journal, vol. 62, pp. 1309-12, October 1976.

Higher Education: External and Internal Dynamics of Growth and Decline. New Directions for Higher Education (Management of Turbulence and Change), Autumn 1977.

Financial Incentives, Survey Response, and Sample Representativeness: Does Money Matter? With Jon K. Peck. Review of Public Data Use, December 1981.

The Weakening of the Academic Labor Market and the Politicization of Academe. PS, Summer 1983.

Education and Lifetime Earnings: The Census Bureaus Misguided Misrepresentations. Review of Public Data Use, December 1983.

The Educational Credit Trust: A Proprosal for Reconstitution and Reform of the Student Loan System. Economics of Education Review, vol. 5, no. 1, 1986.

Giants, Pygmies and the Social Costs of Fundamental Research, or, [Derek de Solla] Price Revisited. With Kenneth R. Janson. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, vol. 32, no.4, 1987.

Tenure and Faculty Quality in Post-Growth Academe. PS: Political Science and Politics, v. XXI, no. 1, Winter 1988.

Tuition Policy, Exchange Rates and the Costs of Foreign Study in the U.K. vs. the U.S. Finance India, vol. II, no. III, September 1988.

Recruitment and Accomplishment in Fundamental Science: A Generalization of the Giants, Pygmies Model. With Kenneth R. Janson. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, vol. 37, no. 1, 1990.

Scientific Research as a Sphere of Labor Activity [originally entitled A Multi-Talent, Multi-Activity Model of Recruitment and Accomplishment in Fundamental Science]. With Kenneth R. Janson (in Russian). Economic and Mathematical Methods (Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Moscow), No. 2, 1990.

Myopia, Emmetropia or Hypermetropia? Competitive Markets and Intertemporal Efficiency in the Utilization of Exhaustible Resources. Resources Policy, vol. 16, no. 2, June 1990.


Chapters in books:

The Impact on the Economy of the United States of Compensatory Alternatives to Military Expenditures. Annex II of Disarmament and Development, Report of the Group of Experts on the Economic and Social Consequences of Disarmament. New York: United Nations, 1972.

Tests of Gross Price Effects and Estimation of Submarket Demand Parameters for Detroit. In G. Ingram et al., The Detroit Prototype of the NBER Urban Simulation Model. New York: National Bureau of Economic Research, 1972.

Blindered Economics: Higher Education and Public Policy. In L. Solmon and P. Taubman, eds., Does College Matter? Some Evidence on the Impacts of Higher Education. New York: Academic Press, 1973.

A Call for a Copernican Revolution. In L. D. Rice, ed., Student Loans: Problems and Policy Alternatives. New York: College Entrance Examination Board, 1977.

Human Capital and Economic Growth: Retrospect and Prospect. In U.S. Congress, Joint Economic Committee, U.S. Economic Growth from 1976 to 1986: Prospects, Problems and Patterns, vol. 11, Human Capital. Washington, D.C.: U.S.G.P.O., May 1977.

Ability, Fertility and Educational Adaptation. In Julian L. Simon, ed., Research in Population Economics, vol. 1. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press, 1978. [Order from Books!]

Demography. In D. Kent Halstead, ed., Higher Education Planning - A Bibliographic Handbook. Washington, D.C.: U.S.G.P.O., 1979.

A Quasieconomic View of the Career Formation Process. In B. Jones et al., eds., Social Learning Theory of Career Decision Making. Cranston, R.I.: Carroll Press, 1979.

Financial and Behavioral Implications of Federal Student Loan Programs and Proposals. In Howard P. Tuckman and Edward L. Whalen, eds., Subsidies to Higher Education: The Issues. New York: Praeger Publishers, 1980. [Order from Books!]

IDIOM: A Disaggregated Policy-Impact Model of the U.S. Economy. With D. A. Updegrove. In Robert Haveman and Kevin Hollenbeck, eds., Microeconomic Simulation Models for Public Policy Analysis, vol. 2. New York: Academic Press, 1980.

IDIOM: A Sectoral Model of the National and Regional Economies. In F. G. Adams and N. J. Glickman, eds., Modeling the Multiregional Economic System. Lexington, Mass.: Heath Lexington, 1980.

Marginal Wage Rates, Hours of Work and Returns to Physician Training and Specialization. In Nancy Thorndike Greenspan, ed., Issues in Physician Reimbursement. Washington, D.C.: Health Care Financing Administration, 1981.

ERES: Disaggregated Simulations of Enrollment and Financial Prospects for American Higher Education, 1982 to 1988. With Adair L. Waldenberg. In L. D. Andrew et al., eds., Research in Postsecondary Education: Utilization of HEGIS and Other National Data Bases. Blacksburg, Va.: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1982.

College Enrollment: Retrospect and Prospect. In J. Froomkin, ed., The Crisis in Higher Education. New York: Academy of Political Science, 1983. [Order from Books!]

Higher Education and Employment in the USSR and the Federal Republic of Germany Some Comparative Observations. In M. Buttgereit and U. Teichler, eds., Probleme der Hochschulplanung in der Sowjetunion, Werkstattberichte- Band 12. Kassel, B.R.D.: Wissenschaftliches Zentrum für Berufs- und Hochschulforschung an der Gesamthochschule Kassel, 1984.

The Potential Contributions of Mutually Consistent, Sectorally Disaggregated National Economic Models to Analyses of National Environmental Policies and Global Environmental Interdependence. In A. Smyshlyaev, ed., Input-Output Modeling, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, v. 251. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1985. [Order from Books!]

Whence Regional Development Policy? -And- Is There a Role for Science and Technology Policies? In A. Straszak and J. W. Owsinski, eds., Strategic Regional Policy, vol. I. Warsaw: Polish Academy of Sciences, 1985.

Knowledge Centers, Technological Development, Innovation, and Regional Economic Growth. With Karol I. Pelc. In Sven B. Lundstedt and Thomas H. Moss, eds., Management of Innovation and Change. New York: Kluwer, 1989. [Order from Books!]

Foreword. To David Clarke, The Architecture of Alienation. New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers, 1994. [Order from Books!] [See, also, Clarke's Arguments in Favor of Sharpshooting; order from Books!]

The Economics of Fundamental Research. In J. W. Sommer, ed., The Academy in Crisis: The Political Economy of Higher Education. New Brunswick and London, Transaction Publishers, 1995 (for Independent Institute, San Francisco), recipient of the Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award (1996). [Order from Books!]

Talents, Rewards and Professional Choice: A General Equilibrium Analysis. With Kenneth R. Janson. In Bruce Spencer, ed., Statistics and Public Policy: I. Richard Savage Festschrift. New York: Oxford U. Press (forthcoming 1995).


Papers in proceedings volumes:

Local Government and Urban Spatial Structure - A Comment. American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, May 1971.

Federalism, Tax-Transfer Substitutions and the Distribution of Income. Proceedings, National Tax Association 64th Annual Conference on Taxation, September 1971.

Assessing the Differential Regional Consequences of Federal Tax-Transfer Policy. Proceedings, Regional Economic Development Research Conference, Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, April 1972.

Economic Stabilization and the Composition of the Federal Budget. Conference on Inflation Health, Education, Income Security and Social Services. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1974.

U.S. Public Policy and the Evolutionary Adaptability of Postsecondary Education. In National Institute of Education, Recurrent Education. Washington, D.C.: U.S.G.P.O., 1974.

Cost-Effectiveness in Social-Historical Context. In Designing Diversity 75. Lincoln, Neb.: University of Mid-America, 1975.

Perspectives on Graduate Education and the Labor Market. In Council of Graduate Schools in the United States, Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Meeting, December 1976.



Of Allan M. Cartter, Ph.D.s and the Academic Labor Market. In School Review, February 1978.

Of C. F. Manski, D. A. Wise et al., College Choice in America. In Journal of Economic Literature, December 1983. [Order Manski and Wise from Books!]

Of R. M. Lindley, ed., Higher Education and the Labor Market. In Journal of Higher Education, May/June 1984.

Contemplating Academe: The Condition of Academic Labor in the Late Twentieth Century. Review of D. W. Breneman and T. I. K. Youn, eds., Academic Labor Markets and Careers, D. L. Burke, A New Academic Marketplace, and B. R. Clark, The Academic Life: Small Worlds, Different Worlds. In Change, Sept./Oct. 1989. [Order Breneman and Youn from Books!] [Order Burke from Books!] [Order Clark from Books!]



Toward a Conceptual Framework for the Evaluation of Tax Policy and Tax Expenditures. U.S. Senate, Budget Committee, Task Force on Tax Policy and Tax Expenditures, August 1975.

Science for Citizens: Restructuring the Application of Scientific Expertise to Issues of Public Policy. National Science Foundation, Science for Citizens Program, December 1975.

Improving Student Access to the Capital Market: The Fair Access to Higher Education Act. U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Education and Labor, Subcommittee on Postsecondary Education, June 5, 1979.

A Demographic-Economic Perspective on the Future of Higher Education. U.S. Senate, Committee on Labor and Human Resources, hearings on The Workplace and Higher Education: Perspective for the Coming Decade, June 7, 1979.

An Assessment and Critique of Operational and Policy Issues Concerning the 1980 Census of Population. U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Government Operations, Subcommittee on Monetary and Consumer Affairs, March 18, 1980.

Prevarication as Public Policy: The Financing of Higher Education, Federal Student Assistance Policy and Student Loan Programs. National Commission on Student Financial Assistance, hearings on The Real Costs of the Guaranteed Student Loan Program, April 4, 1983.

In opposition to the Michigan Scenic Rivers Act. U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on the Interior, Parks Subcommittee, April 18, 1991.

In opposition to the Michigan Scenic Rivers Act. U.S. Senate, Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Subcommittee on Public Lands, National Parks and Forests, October 15, 1991.

Science and Engineering Labor Markets: Forecasts, Reality and Public Policy. Testimony invited by Chairman Howard Wolpe, U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight, hearings on the National Science Foundations pipeline (science/engineering labor shortage) studies, April 8, 1992.


Working papers and interim reports (work in progress; others unlisted):

The Capital Market for Advanced Education: An Analysis of Private Market Failure and the Failure of Public Policy. With Ira Burney. 30 January 1978.

Labor Market Incentives, Intellectual Competence and College Attendance. With Adair L. Waldenberg. 15 March 1978.

SAVANT: A Market-Responsive Model of Academic Personnel Flows. 10 January 1979.

The Equity-Efficiency Enigma: Appearance, Reality and Public Policy. 14 October 1980.

What Price an Unacclaimed Work of Art? 12 January 1981.

ART (Artistic Rental Transform): A Golden Age Growth Model of Art Stocks, Rentals and Prices. 23 January 1981.

Federal Tax Policy, the Composition of Investment and the Reindustrialization Debate. 16 March 1981.

A Note on Corporate Growth, Managerial Demography, Costs and Profitability. 18 December 1981.

Asymmetries in the Growth and Contraction of Government: Implications for Redefining Public-Private Responsibilities. 17 March 1982.

A Broad-Base Flat-Rate Income Tax vs. A Value Added Tax and Demogrants. 9 August 1982.

SMAP-MEDSUM (Simulation Model of the Aged Population - MEDical Services Utilization/Cost Model): A Forecasting Model of the Size, Composition and Medical Services Utilization of the Aged Population, 1979-2015. March 1983.

Urban Highways and the Demise of Private Mass Transit in the United States. IIASA Working Paper WP-83-120, November 1983.

Intellectual Competence and the Circulation of Elites: The Crisis of the Late Twentieth Century. IIASA Working Paper WP-84-12, February 1984 (revised March 1984).

U.S. Strategic Stockpile Policy: A Critical Assessment of Anticipatory Governmental Action. IIASA Working Paper WP-84-61, July 1984.

Parental Financial Capacity and the Costs of Postsecondary Education. 22 February 1985.

Unisex Pensions and Male-Female Wage Differentials Under a Competitive Labor Market Regime. February 1985.

On the Nature and Pathologies of Meritocratic Collectivities. 18 March 1987.

A Lament for Our Leaders. 9 May 1989.

Gilded Cages: The Compromise of the Market and the Subversion of Liberty -or- The Professoriat Enslaved in the Dolls House of Academe. A. (Aspasia) Qùermüt Jhéön, nom de guerre. 28 May 1989.

The Triumph of the Scientistic Ideology and the Sterilization of Talent. 6 August 1989. [Extension of Science and the Social Exploitation of Talent, presented to NSF Science Policy Workshop, An Agenda for Science Policy Research, September 1987.]

The Benefits of the U.S. Trade Deficit: A Heretical View. 6 August 1989.

Economic Crisis, Decentralization and the Reconstruction of Systems of Taxation: Imperatives and Opportunities in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. 27 September 1989.

The Mythology of Nationality: Science, Economy and the University. Presented to International House of Chicago, University of Chicago Centennial Conference on The American Research University and the International Student, May 18, 1992.


Other studies in progress:

Nepotism as an Inverse Index of Development, with K. I. Pelc.

Temporal Dynamics of the Circulation of Elites: A Cross-National Analysis, with I. Illés.

Professional Membership Functions, Professional Assignment/Choice, Consequences of Professional Licensure and Biases in Estimates of Earnings Functions, with K. R. Janson.

Advanced Data Management Techniques for Science Policy, with K. R. Janson.

Phenomenology and Dynamics of Sexual Exchange, with E. K. Auman.

Taxation and International Trade in the Context of Soviet Economic Reconstruction, with V. A. Naishul.

Books, Columns, Journal articles, Chapters in books, Papers in proceedings volumes, Reviews, Testimony, Working papers, Other studies in progress; Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award;
Jhéön & Associates; Dresch Resume; Forensic Intelligence Hub-Page

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